Rules and Policies

Rules and Policies

Rules and Policies

Our Rules

At Provo Gymnastics Academy (PGA), we are determined to provide all children with high quality gymnastic instructions.  The following rules and policies have been put in place to ensure that every child gets the best experience while at Provo Gymnastics Academy.  Though they are written,there may be additional rules and policies that each child will be asked to follow within the context of class,  In addition, these rules and policies may be amended from time to time.

Arrival and Departure

-       Warm up is essential for your child’s safety, please plan to arrive on time. If your child is more than 10 minutes late, a make-up class needs to be scheduled.

-       All gymnasts should remain int he reception area until their class is called out.

-       Parents please pick up gymnasts promptly after their class is completed.  If you will late to pick up your child for an unexpected reason, please call the Academy. Teachers will not be able to supervise your child before or after class.

-       Gymnasts are not allowed to leave the building except with a parent or other responsible adult, so therefore you must come inside to pick up your child.

-       PGA is not responsible for any damage to vehicles in the parking areas.

Public Holidays

-       Provo Gymnastics Academy will hold classes on public holidays unless it is posted otherwise.


-       Parents and visitors are welcome and encouraged to observe classes. It is important however that they remain in the reception area and not enter in the gym area.

-       Flash photography can be dangerous to the gymnasts and will not be allowed.

Tuition Policy

-       Tuition is due at time of registration to insure your child’s spot.

-       A late fee of $15.00 will be charged after 10 days of fees due.


-       You may enroll at anytime and class spots are filled on a first come, first served basis.  PGA cannot guarantee your previous class schedule for each cycle which is typically 2 or 3 months.

-       In the event you pay by check and it is returned, your account will incur a $25.00 fee.

-       No refunds will be given if a gymnast withdraws from a class, with the exception of medical excuses, for which PGA reserves the right to request a written acknowledgement from a licensed doctor.

-       PGA does not refund, prorate or credit tuition due to absence as we are committed to keep class sizes small.

-       Payments by credit card are not allowed for now.

Dress Code

-       Girls must wear a LEOTARD or BIKETARD for class.  NO shorts, t-shirts, footed tights, crop tops, tank tops, or sweatshirts in class.

-       Girls must have their hair pulled back out of the face.  Even short hairstyles need to be pulled back so the eyes are not obstructed.  A single ponytail or bun is best.

-       No jewelry is allowed including necklaces, rings, watches bracelets and earrings with the exception of stud earrings.

-       Special gymnastic shoes are required.  

Rescheduling Missed Classes

-       Your tuition pays for a class spot, regardless of attendance.  However,as a courtesy, we can reschedule the missed class upon availability, most likely on Saturdays.

-       There can be no make-ups scheduled on dates past your dis-enrollment date.

-       One make-up class will be allowed per session.


-       No chewing gum, bubble gum or lollies are allowed in the facility.

-       No food or beverage consumptions are allowed in the gym area, only in the reception area.

-       Gymnasts are not allowed on the floor or on any equipment until their designated teacher begins instructions.

-       Personal articles must be stored in the provided spaces.

-       PGA will not be responsible for any missing items left.  Therefore,we ask that you do not leave anything valuable while children are in class.

-       No-smoking policy in the entire facility.

-       No alcohol consumption permitted in the entire facility.

Student Conduct

-       Appropriate behavior is mandatory.  Teachers will first attempt to correct unsatisfactory behavior using positive reinforcement.  If this proves to be unsuccessful, a child may be placed on “Time Out” or a meeting between the parent and PGA will be scheduled to find a satisfactory remedy.

Code of Behavior

-       Remember that children participate in gymnastics for their enjoyment.

-       Encourage children to participate, do not force them.

-       Focus on the child’s efforts and performance rather than medals and scores.

-       Encourage children always to play according to the rules.

-       Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or not completing a skill.

-       Respect teacher’s decisions and teach children to do likewise.

-       Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every child regardless of their gender, ability, race, cultural background or religion.